Hayworth Christian School is an educational institution for the benefit of the families in our community, as a ministry of Hayworth Wesleyan Church ( www.hayworthwesleyan.org ).  Students are admitted without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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Mission Statement

Hayworth Christian School (HCS) is an extension of the Christian home and church. Our purpose is to train each student in the knowledge of God and the Scriptural way of life. Our goal is to provide the highest standards of excellence and spiritual development in order that each student may be equipped with the necessary tools to effectively pursue the vocation to which the Lord will lead.



The philosophy of HCS is based on a God-centered view that all truth is God’s truth and that the Bible is the inspired and the only infallible authoritative Word of God.  God created all things and sustains all things.  Therefore, the universe and man are dynamically related to God and have the purpose of glorifying Him.  Man is a sinner by nature and choice, he can only glorify or know God by choosing God’s free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, thereby committing his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our aim is to provide a Christian perspective on the world, from which will come a balanced personality with proper understanding and acceptance of a person’s role in life at home, at work, at play, and at worship; all grounded in the Christian concept of love.  As a practical expression of this love, common courtesies and manners are taught and expected from students.  Proper discipline and utmost respect for classmates, teachers and all others in authority will be required at all times.

This Christian philosophy channels our energies to promote high academic standards while helping the students to achieve skills in creative and critical thinking using the best integrated curriculum available.  To this end, our primary emphasis is on the basic studies of reading, writing, grammar, mathematics, history, geography, science, and Bible.  The objective of our instructional program is to prepare the student to pursue the post-secondary education of his/her choosing, whether in college, university or vocational training.

Our responsibility for the student encompasses the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social areas.  These are inseparable and through them flows the insistent thread of the spiritual.  Therefore, it is our intent to avoid the tendency to teach the Bible compartmentally or on the intellectual level alone. The scarlet thread of Christ's blood must be woven throughout the entire curriculum.

It is our intent that all activities, curricular, or extra-curricular, are consistent with our basic philosophy that the spiritual must permeate all areas of school life.

The nurture and education of children is primarily the responsibility of their parents.  However, as parents and teachers cooperate in every phase of the student’s development, the process of Christian education is greatly enhanced.

It is our intent to promote the importance of home life and to give opportunity for other social involvement by providing adequate time for most class assignments to be completed within the school day.

Our aim financially is to keep tuition and fees as reasonable as possible so that a Christian education is affordable for most Christians who are willing to make a sacrifice to provide their child this training.

Statement of Faith

The following Statement of Faith governs the achievement of the school's purposes, the exercise of its powers, and the management of its affairs. The Statement provides a common basis for the Christian fellowship at HCS. 

  1. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inerrant Word of God (II Tim. 3:15; II Peter 1:21).
  2. We believe there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:1; Matthew 28:19; John 10:30).
  3. We believe in the deity of Christ (John 10:33), His virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23; Luke 1:35), His sinless life (Hebrews 4:15; 7:26), His miracles (John 2:11), His vicarious and atoning death (I Corinthians 15:3; Ephesians 1:7; Hebrews 2:9), His resurrection (John 11:25; I Corinthians 15:4), His ascension to the right hand of the Father (Mark 16:19), His personal return in power and glory (Acts 1:11 Revelation 19:11).
  4. We believe in the absolute necessity of regeneration by the Holy Spirit for salvation because of the exceeding sinfulness of human nature; and that men are justified on the single ground of faith in the shed blood of Christ and that only by God’s grace and through faith are we saved (John 3:16-19; 5:24; Romans 3:23; 5:8-9; Ephesians 2:8-10; Titus 3:5).
  5. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto the resurrection of life, and they that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation (John 5:28-29).
  6. We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 8:9; I Corinthians 12:12-13; Galatians 3:26-28).
  7. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life (Romans 8:13-14; I Corinthians 3:16; 6:19-20; Ephesians 4:30; 5:18).